What is marketing strategy?

Our Marketing Strategy is all about you. We work closely with every client to define their objectives whether they be short, mid, or long term, and develop blueprints to meet those goals.

When creating a marketing plan, it is vital to recognize window of opportunities for your brand when they present themselves. With intensive market research, we dive deep in creating buyer personas that give us insight in understanding behaviors, personalities, attitude, and interest of the ideal consumer.

Once we have this, we can utilize channels for outreach in a more targeted approach to make our efforts the most effective. We make best use of media, press releases, tonality, and world events to identify these moments for growth and seamlessly execute upon them.

As an extension of your team, our priority is to exceed objectives and drive the success of your business.

Learn your industry

We know that no one knows your industry better then you which is why we ask detailed questions, research the market, and interview different members of your team to gain a strong foundation of your industry.

Competitor Audit

By thoroughly examining your competitors, we start to develop and playbook of their strengths and weakness. By identifying these opportunities, we can start to position ourselves to claim more market share and fill the funnel.

Buyer personas

Once we understand your industry, we build persona profiles that we use to cater our strategy to. This allows us to adjust our approach to fit our ideal customer for best conversions.

Company Review

When history repeats, it is not always a good thing. By understanding your previous marketing efforts, we can avoid pitfalls and keep the campaigns as optimal as possible.

Marketing Automation

When applicable, creating a marketing automated system in your company is a very powerful concept. This implementation raises engagement, accelerates the buyers journey, and increases conversions. We will guide you in software, system, and execution.


With all the pieces aligned, it is time to take action carefully and strategically keeping you informed along the way.



GOAL: Drive ROI via SEO and PPC


STRATEGY: Restructuring Site Architecture for Ranking & Conv, Build Long-Term Resource Hub, Custom Landing Pages


  • +250%


  • 75%


  • +45


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What are marketing strategies in marketing?

A company’s marketing strategy combines all the marketing elements and objectives into a single comprehensive plan. A good marketing strategy should take in consideration all aspects of its industry, including market research, potential customers, competitors, and utilizing the “4 P’s” of marketing: Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. These together are the foundation of a marketing plan.

What are the types of Marketing Strategies?

There are numerous variations of marketing strategies that are in use today. Each of these marketing strategies can communicate to a target market the benefits and features of your product in different ways. They can also communicate a value proposition to their customers which often tends to be the core of building equity or good-will in target markets. Some examples of marketing strategies are close range marketing, relationship marketing, transactional marketing, scarcity marketing, online marketing, email marketing, viral marketing and many others.

Why do I need a marketing strategy?

Your marketing strategy is often first brainstormed and written as an organization’s marketing plan. This gives the company a goal to strive for and helps the staff understand the goals while becoming customer-focused. It also helps the team make decisions that align with the company’s objectives which makes a more cohesive brand experience.

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