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Most Affordable Weight Loss in Bay Area. We offer weight loss consultation and family physician Rita Thakur, PH.D. who will offer you a medical evaluation and craft a completely personalized program based on your goals and medical diagnosis. Contact us today - we are here to help:
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We offer a holistic approach to medicine including:

B-12 and HCG Programs

B12 and HCG Diet Program is a short form of human chorionic...

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Skincare and Anti Aging Solutions

Dr Rita Thankur has a passion for helping people like you live an emotionally...

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Slim Trim Program

Our Slim Trim Program offer 3 weight loss programs: Basic, Gold and...

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Consultative & Diagnostic Medicine

All of our weight loss and wellness programs start with a complete...

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Consultative & Diagnostic Medicine

All of our weight loss and wellness programs start with a complete...

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Appetite Suppressants

FDA approved appetite suppressants - The best way to go if you want...

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Meet the Staff:

Dr. Rita Thakur

Dr. Thakur received her M.D. at Bombay University and St. Louis University. Her holistic approach to health and wellness has granted her various awards and press as she continues to help patients in a personal and state-of-the-art manner.

For the last 5 years, Dr. Rita Thakur has helped thousands of patients in the San Francisco Bay Area not only lose weight efficiently and safely. Dr. Thakur received her M.D. at St. Louis University in 1988 and then went on to complete her residency at a world-class institution, UCSF. Her expertise from pediatrics to internal medicine put her in a unique position to help treat people of all ages. Dr. Thakur's success can partially be attributed to her extensive experience in the field; but, primarily is the byproduct of her deep desire to help people achieve their goals, regain self-confidence and most importantly to live a healthy life.

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We offer Weight Loss Program, Diet Program, HCG Program to patients in San Jose CA, Milpitas CA, Fremont CA, Sunnyvale CA, Pleasanton CA, Redwood City CA, Mountain View CA, Hayward CA, Union City CA, Palo Alto CA, San Mateo CA, Santa Clara CA