Welcome to Dental Lab Solutions

We are The Lab Network!
According to the ADA, there are almost 200,000 dentists in the United States. Many of these dentists are seeking a dental lab that compliments their practice and provides their patients with suitable solutions. At the same time, there are approximately 8,000 dental labs in the US – many of which are struggling to find dentists that find value in the labs specific area of expertise. That’s where Dental Lab Solutions can help. Whether our doctors are looking for a reliable crown and bridge lab, digital dental lab, esthetic restorations, denture conversion support, custom abutments, or orthodonic solutions, Dental Lab Solutions can connect the right doctor with the right lab.
Why use Dental Lab Solutions?
Dental Lab Solutions specializes in creating dental lab network that is organized by a specific area of expertise. Whether you take digital impressions or analog impressions, there is a lab that can accept your cases. Whether you are doing crown and bridge, implant abutments, denture conversions, or orthodontic appliances, there is a dental lab that specializes in that area of expertise. Dental Lab Solutions has the best dental lab for your practice.
Can Dental Labs use Dental Lab Solutions?
Dental Lab Solutions also has a network of labs that specialize in outsourcing services. If you need a Digital Dental Lab for Digital Margin Marking Services, CAD CAM Restorations, Digital Design, or Digital Models, our lab network has a resource for you.
Who can use Dental Lab Solutions?
Any doctor in the US can use Dental Lab Solutions. The corporate office for Dental Lab Solutions is located in Southern California. However, we are The Lab Network - a network of the best dental labs in the US and can provide services for any practice looking for solutions that include: crown and bridge, implant abutments, denture conversions, orthodontic appliances, and more.
How does Dental Lab Solutions categorize their Lab Network?
Our labs are separated into two categories. If you need a digital dental lab for digital impressions, choose the solution under the digital impression heading. If you take conventional (analog) impressions, choose the solution under the analog heading. Both impression options provide subcategories that will lead you to the following solutions: crown and bridge, orthodontics, custom abutments, digital models, esthetic solutions, custom shading, and denture conversions.